All natural exfoliating washcloth made from Agave plant fiber which helps to gently remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, revive dull skin, and promote healthy skin tone.  Agave is grown in the wild without use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. 


  • Vegan, rapidly renewable plant source
  • Biodegradable
  • Quick drying
  • Long- lasting, should last a year or longer
  • Naturally mildew resistant
  • Machine washable


First time use - Soak in warm water to allow fibers to soften and swell. After use, rinse, wring out excess water and hang to dry. Machine washable, gentle cycle.

As this is a hand made product, there will be some variances. 


Approximately 12″x12″ prior to getting wet; 7″x7″ after.


Your purchase helps support the Otomi Artisans who hand weave each cloth.

ESTELI Ayaté Natural Exfoliating Wash Cloth

  • We currently do not offer any returns on Beauty and Wellness products, due to Covid19 retail business regulations.

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