T. TRIBE is a brand that lives ethically.  

Consciously Creating apparel, accessories, art, a lifestyle brand.

The concept of designing, creating and crafting goods within the community or country you live, is a strong value.

T. TRIBE, takes pride in building relationships and manufacture our exclusive line, with smaller family owned factories and artisans, which in turn will generate economic growth and stability within the

very community in which we reside. 

Therefore, we do not support mass import/export productions. 


Established in late 2018, T. TRIBE, opened the doors to our first showroom in the beautiful,

Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, in Philadelphia, PA.

The showroom offers T. TRIBE’s exclusive label, currently consisting of  women’s clothing.  

Comfortable, Timeless, Utilitarian, feel Beautiful pieces are designed and hand crafted in

small batches, right here in our community locally, made in the U.S.A.  

Available now at the showroom, we offer a beautiful curated selection of high end unique women’s vintage clothing and accessories.  We believe in reusing gorgeous pieces from the past is a sustainable practice that anyone can implement to level up their wardrobe, with stand out, timeless pieces.

Season less, Timeless, Ageless, and Size less.  We stand for ALL inclusive sizing.

There is no “missy, junior, plus, tall, big, etc” nonsense labels here.

“The standard” is unacceptable to us, so we are setting our own. We know you will fall in love,

its inspired by vintage designs and made with love and care for the modern goddess.

Your clothing should inspire you, awaken your senses and elevate your style. 

We don't do limits, and our designs and ethics push the concept of what is available today for

mainstream shopping. 

We believe in keeping a sane and fair price point in this insane fashion world we live in today. 

The fashion industry needs a new perspective, a new norm.  Let’s reduce waste and pollution, let’s vow to  practice ethical, fair, and healthy practices when being a brand.

Dead stock fabrics and limited edition pieces, make for small batch collections, which ensures integrity in keeping our style unique and not commercial.

Most of our dead stock textiles and trims are

natural fibers such as cottons, linens, soft gauzes, viscose, silks and more.

Day, night, vacation, or lounging at home, the pieces will work with you and serve in a totally utilitarian way, leaving a presence in your closet for years to come, which is sustainable practice you can live by. 

T. TRIBE is Tamar’s vision of what she couldn’t find in the fashion bubble of today. 

A brand that encompasses all women, curvy or petite, no matter where you are in the world, we all want to be comfortable while looking stylish and luxe.